Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My Friend Chuck

Occasionally I digress into matter of food and wine.

When I was single I was a great cook.  I'd host dinner parties where people would beg to be on the A list.  I made something delish for every office event.  I'd cook all day on Sundays, setting myself up for a week of tasty leftovers.

And then I got married, became a step mom, had a dog and kid of my own.  And I stopped cooking.

Dr. Kvetch loves to cook and does a great job.  Plus, he just does it faster than me.  Single girl cooking is not the same as getting dinner on the table on a Wednesday night.

We recently renovated our kitchen (another post), so now there is room for both of us to work in the kitchen at the same time.  Plus it's just nicer.  So I'm cooking more.

But even if I don't cook, I do consume.  And we consume a lot of Charles Shaw wine, known affectionately in Trader Joe land as "Two Buck Chuck."  Really it's three bucks but worth it.

We live just over an hour and a half away from Trader Joe's. Fortunately it is just a few miles from my parents' house, which I visit every six weeks or so. Or when we run out of wine, coffee and peanut butter.

When it comes to Chuck, we like the Sauvignon Blanc and the Shiraz.

Do you like Two Buck Chuck?

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