Monday, March 18, 2013

Reuse: Wallet and Clutch Dust Bags

I see more and more things packaged in little fabric pouches. Whenever I get one, I can't bear to throw it away.  Now I have found a great use for them.

Below I have fabric pouches from a sheet set, a pillow case set, a pillow sham and a Harry and David set.

Now see what each is storing:  a clutch purse, a small wallet, a zip around wallet and the cord to my Ipad.  I keep the cord in my work tote tangle free.  The wallets are in a drawer and the clutch is in a plastic bin with other clutches.  Nifty, right?

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Manicure - Essie Geranium

While I was gone from blogging I became quite a laquer head.  To me, nail polish is a cheap thrill that helps satisfy my love of color.  I live in a house of men and boys, so doing my nails is my little escape into girlyness.

I'm not a nail blogger.  My application and photography skills are rudimentary at best. However, I find I'm often searching the interwebs looking for photos of readily available poishes from the main brands' core lines.  Stuff the cool girls have had for ages. I also love seeing how the same polish looks different on different skin tones.

So with that caveat, I give you Essie Geranium on NC 20 skin tone.  In my view it's not so much of an orange red as a yellow toned red. It's different from my other orange reds such as Essie Meet Me at Sunset, OPI Red Lights or American Apparel Poppy. It's super bright which I am loving for a breath of spring.

Check out some of my favorite nail bloggers:  The PolishaholicScrangieOmmorphiaAll Laquered Up.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Quest for a Silver Chunky Link Necklace

Part of the 70s renaissance we have been experiencing is the resurrection of gold jewerly.  I remember growing up everything was gold.  I have had gold jewelry on and off through the early 90s.  It doesn't look horrible on me. But somehow I formed a distinct preference for silver jewelry, and that preference stayed through the selection of my wedding set, which is white gold and platinum.  My diamond stud earrings are also set in white gold.

I think it is perfectly fine to mix metals, and I do it on occasion with costume pieces from Forever 21 and the like.  Rose gold is all right too and looks better on me than yellow gold.  However my preference is always silver, especially for anything that requires a bit of an investment.

The fact that J Crew does all of their jewelry in gold has saved me a lot of money.

I have been searching for a chunky link necklace in silver for about two years now. While paging through the latest Lands End catalog, I saw a nice looking chunky link necklace and bracelet.  And then I saw that it was also available in silver.   $39.00. Score!  Soon after that Lands End ran a 20% off code and the necklace was mine!

Sorry for the small picture.  I like the necklace a lot. The silver is a bright, white silver. The necklace is substantial and heavy, but it was not uncomfortable to wear.  It is definitely up to par with Lands End's usual quality.  I also like the fact that can always return Lands End purchases to Sears at any time for any reason.  (My local Sears no longer carries Lands End but you can return Lands End to any Sears that carries clothes).  Mission accomplished!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Weekend Purse

Do you switch to a different purse on the weekends?  Until recently, I did not.  Once and a while, if going to a party, I will grab a clutch.  But truth be told, my clubbing days are well behind me.  My weekends now consist of chores, errands, kid activities, a work out and a nap if I'm lucky. A fun Saturday night is relaxing in bed with my fashion magazines with my dog by my side.

I noticed I was grabbing a few items out of my purse to take with me to the soccer game, or the scout activity, or the pool, or the playground, or the grocery.  I'm a person who historically does not lose things. However, lately my estrogen decrease  has made me absent minded.  That, plus losing my wallet for the first time ever, makes me paranoid about just grabbing my phone or wallet.  

I have several smaller cross body bags, including a Fossil, a Kate Spade and several vintage Coaches. I am reluctant to use these bags for activities that could be messy.  I needed an alternative.

I have been eyeing a nylon cross body bag to satisfy that need.  I've considered Baggallini and Lily Bloom. I  have a Le Sportsac weekender that I love; the fabric, zipper and overall quality is great.  My practical side gravitated to a solid color.  I have looked at the smaller Le Sportsacs several times but passed on them as too young and whimsical.

I was recently in Marshalls when I spotted this guy:

As you can guess, he came home with me.  The colors go with my wardrobe and the size is right.  The pattern is not what I would normally choose.  It is indeed young and whimsical and not really my style.  Too kooky.  Too Boden.  I broke it out this weekend and I LOVE it.  It has three deep pockets that can hold a surprising amount of stuff in an organized way.  Rainy weather? No problem.  I didn't have to worry about misplacing my stuff, I didn't have to worry about the bag getting dirty and my hands were free.  This bag will be so handy for the upcoming soccer season.  The only problem is now I want more!

What is your weekend bag? Do you have one that diverges from your weekday style?