Sunday, March 17, 2013

Manicure - Essie Geranium

While I was gone from blogging I became quite a laquer head.  To me, nail polish is a cheap thrill that helps satisfy my love of color.  I live in a house of men and boys, so doing my nails is my little escape into girlyness.

I'm not a nail blogger.  My application and photography skills are rudimentary at best. However, I find I'm often searching the interwebs looking for photos of readily available poishes from the main brands' core lines.  Stuff the cool girls have had for ages. I also love seeing how the same polish looks different on different skin tones.

So with that caveat, I give you Essie Geranium on NC 20 skin tone.  In my view it's not so much of an orange red as a yellow toned red. It's different from my other orange reds such as Essie Meet Me at Sunset, OPI Red Lights or American Apparel Poppy. It's super bright which I am loving for a breath of spring.

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