Monday, January 17, 2011

Reflecting on Dr. King

I want to briefly say something about Dr. King today.  I think that more than any modern figure, Dr. King's message resonates to each succeeding generation just as much as it spoke to the America of the 1960s.  We have come a long way with race relations since 1968; we still have a long way to go. But I believe Dr. King's message transcends race.  In these days of nasty political discord, we would do well to remember Dr. King's message of peace, equality and non-violent expression.  I think America has lost itself in its divisions at this moment.  Let us reflect on Dr. King's message and find ways in which we can come together as Americans despite our differences.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Boden Nails It For Spring '11

I've been a fan of Boden's adorable childrens' line, Mini Boden, for years. The clothes are adorable, different, hip, use cool colors, and are such great quality that they last for two or more seasons.  And for boys that is saying something.  The girls stuff is super adorable, and I can't wait to start shopping Mini Boden for my new niece.

The line for women has been a different story for me.  In past years it has seemed, well, kooky.  I love bright colors but not in loud, large combinations.  Boden has seemed to be a mix of loud prints, huge 80s buttons, poofy skirts and sizing that always looks like it will be way too long. (They do not offer petites.)  Even with free shipping and returns, I never bit before.  And with prices similar or more than J. Crew of old, there never seemed to be anything worth the investment.

Fast forward to the newest catalogue.  As I leafed through, I found several things I like and I though could actually look good. A few straight skirts.  Tops that don't have patterns a girl would wear.  Cool color combinations.  And the prices seem to be a bit lower.  My purchases this spring will be limited, but I am seriously considering a few items.
Printed cotton skirt $68.00. Great colors.
Textured Cotton Skirt $78.00.  Has side pleats on front.
Breton Top $38.  This one boasts a lightweight fabric for summer.  Love the hint of red. Comes in seven colors.
St. Barts top. $68.00.  Several pretty colors like Soft Red, Menthe and Blue Wash.  No blush in sight. Those "lipstick nude" colors look horrible on me - I can't wait until they are done.
Casual Satchel $148.  This is leather and also comes in fuschia and tan.  Can be worn cross body. Boden's bags do usually seem nice, and I'm regretting not getting the RM Nikki knockoff they offered in 09.  This one looks like a nice substitute for the Sak Silverlake flap that seems to have changed to a lesser quality leather.

Do you like Boden for you or for your kids? Do you favor brighter colors or do you like the nudes and neutrals in vogue as of late?

Thanks for visiting!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Out of My Comfort Zone

So I've been into nail polish lately.  I love color, and nail polish is an inexpensive way to bring a little color into your day, whether it's something bright and sparkly or a modern neutral.  Wet and Wild has a new set of colors out and this week they are on sale at Walgreens for $.99.  I won't even try to photograph the bottles or do swatches.  My photography skills and patience aren't up to the task.  Wonderful bloggers such as Nouveau Cheap have already done better than I could ever do at documenting the collection.

At $.99 a pop, I decided to push the envelope and buy some WnW polishes that are outside my usual comfort zone.  In addition to the sparkly blue I have on today ("Blue Wants To Be A Millionaire") I picked up a lime green and an orange.  I also got a hot pink, normally well within my usual palette, a bright silver and a silver/gray duochrome.  Guess what? I love the light blue, lime green and orange the best.  To my surprise.

So my message to you today is to try something that's outside of your comfort zone. What better way to push back the winter doldrums than a little change? Maybe it's a new color of something, maybe it's a new combination of colors, maybe it's wearing your usual stuff a different way.  So pop up your collar, push up your sleeves, grab your leggings, rock some skinnies, get out a brightly colored purse, whatever! Or blow the dust of your Doc Martens!

No one at work even noticed my blue nail polish, not even the cool young girls who would usually comment!  So much for work appropriate.

Have you incorporated any little changes lately?  Have a great night and thanks for stopping by.

And a big smile to Fabulous Florida Mommy for her nice shout out today.  Don't miss her blog, it's one of the best!