Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Weekend Wear - Skinnies

It took me awhile to adopt skinnies.  As a busty hourglass, they aren't my number one silhouette.  However,  I finally caved.  After seeing my self in them in photos from last Hanukkah, I left them in my closet for awhile.  However, I think my weight lifting routine has made a difference.  For the first time ever I have done a lot of leg exercises: squats, lunges, dead lifts, step ups.  More on the weight routine later.  I also think that the mirror at our new Marshalls (where I took these photos) is perhaps more flattering than the mirror in my 1965 bathroom at work.

Old Navy Sweetheart skinies; NY and Co. cami, ON cardi, Gap flats. Coach bag,

Do you like skinny jeans?

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  2. I like skinnies if I'm having a *skinny day*, otherwise I go with my ON weekend jeans or a pair of baggy chinos. I also tend to mainly wear them with tall boots during the winter and avoid them during the warmer months.

    I think you look great in them! :)

  3. These look great on you! I was also late to the skinny jean trend. My legs are an area I've never been happy with. I only have one pair now (from LOFT) and I wear them sparingly when, like FFM said, I'm having a "skinny day." I don't like feeling like I'm stuffed into something...I have to have room to breathe! But on occasion, they are a really cute look.