Saturday, October 30, 2010

Havianas On Sale At Gap - Sizing Tip

Have you tried Havianas?  I think they are all right.  They are definitely stylish and some have great patterns, but they aren't my most comfortable flip flop.  That honor goes to the Teva Mush.  I really don't wear flips that much.  I think they are terrible for feet and I mostly limit them to the pool and around the house.  I hate to think of the future foot problems of the flip flop generation!  Tell your college student to go into podiatry for a lucrative career. . .

Back to the Havianas.  The first two pairs of Havianas I bought were way too big.  That is because the U.S. sizing listed on them is totally wrong.


The white shoe on the left is too big. The black one is the right size. It's hard to tell from the pic.

It says "USA 7/8." I wear an 8.  So why is it huge? Look at the European size: 41/42.  I know that my size 8 is usually a European 39. 41 is way to big, and so was this shoe.  I have no idea about the Brazilian size.  Now look at the one that fits:

It says "USA 6," but no way is this a 6.  Note "EUR 39/0."  Now that's my size.

So disregard the USA size when buying Havianas and go with the European size.  No wonder  Gap had so many left.  Everyone thought they were really a size 6.

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