Wednesday, October 27, 2010

DIY Jewelry Creations

I want to share with you now and then jewelry I have made.  I started beading when I couldn't find jewelry in the colors and designs I wanted.  I have a big stash of beads and findings on hand for those moments when the spirit hits me and my son goes to bead early. (So far he has not found the treasure box full of jewels.)  I also keep a file of magazine clippings showing jewelry that inspires me.  Finally, beaded jewelry makes great gifts for teachers and co-workers.

I am a silver person.  I usually use sterling findings, but sterling can be soft and I have lost a few charms that have broken off of a sterling wrapped hairpin.  So if it's something I don't remind replacing I will use base metal findings. I keep my jewelry in ziplock bags and so far nothing has tarnished.

So here is the first installment and my favorite piece:

This is a charm necklace.  I already had the long sterling chain.  I used a larger O ring and onto that I added three charms.  The pearl is for me (June birthday) and the dark sapphire Swarovski bricolette (teardrop)  is for the most wonderful boy in the world (September birthday).  I purchased these beads on ebay.  I made them into a charm using a sterling headpin which I threaded through the hole and twisted into a wrapped loop with a jewelry tool.  The middle charm is the Tree of Life.  In Hebrew it's called Etz Hayyim, and it's an important Jewish symbol.  It represents the chain of life over generations as well as the immediate family tree.  I bought it from a lovely Celtic lady on ebay.  In real life the necklace is really shiny.  The chain is I think 24". It's a bit shorter than most you see on this type of necklace, but I have a big chest, and those longer chains just don't work for me.  That's the beauty of making your own; you can make it to fit you however you want!

Do you make jewelry? Would you like to see more?

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.

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