Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Blast From The Past - Shopping In My Closet

Remember Casual Corner?  During my early working years, it was my go-to place for well priced business wear.  The quality varied, but I had some really nice pieces that lasted for years.  I mourned when it went out of business.

The past few years I have been ruthless about purging my closet.  Yet one item, brand new with tags from Casual Corner was never voted off the island.  This is it:

You can't tell from the first picture, but the subject of this post is a black lace "shell" with a black lining. Do you remember wearing tops like this under your suits?  Pretty basic right?

So what made me keep this top?  I credit it to my goth streak.  That's right, goth.  As in the dark music of the 80s, to which I still listen.  Black. Studded things. Lots of eye makeup. Vertical hair.  The epitome of which is are these style icons:
That's Siouxsie Sue of Siouxsie and the Banshees and Robert Smith of the Cure.  More on how they inspire me in a future post. But I draw the line at skulls, with all due respect to Mr. McQueen. I think they are morbid and I especially hate them on little boys.  But I digress.

Black lace fits right in with the love of Goth music.

So yes, the woman you saw wearing the preppy yacht skirt and polo shirt in a previous post also loves all things gothy.  It's the Gemini in me, I guess.

And it causes me to keep a black lace top until it comes back into style.  Stay tuned for an outfit post with said blouse.

Do you have clothes you keep for some odd reason?

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  1. I lurved the corner. Esp the back corner wih all the great sale items! I bought lots of suits there when i first started working. :-) The lace top is going to be super cute!