Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Jewish Girl's Holy Grail(s)

When one finds that certain makeup item that always looks great, many refer to it as one's "holy grail."  I haven't come up with a Jewish equivalent of the thing one searches for but which only the most righteous find (other than HaShem his/herself), so I'll go with it. : )

A few of mine:

Nars Sin blush.  I know Orgasm is the most popular, but the beautiful berry of Sin suits my fair (NC20) skin perfectly.  It has just a touch of shimmer, but not to much for an older lady like me.

MAC Sophisto lipstick.  Again a berry, but not a dark one.   My lips are very pigmented and I can't do the nude lip at all.  I need something at least as dark as my lips.  You'd think I wouldn't even need lipstick, but I look totally washed out without it.  Sophisto oxidizes on me to a pinkish berry.

Do you have some special beauty products you can't live without?

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