Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Don't Knock Forever 21

As a 40-something professional mom, you wouldn't think I'd frequent Forever 21.  But I do. I admit, just looking in there is overwhelming.  It seems disorganized, and for me searching for something I saw on a blog or in a magazine is next to impossible.  The staff is not helpful.  There's usually a line for the fitting room.  And face it, it's probably not worth my time because it's juniors sizing, so very little would even fit.  Have you ever tried to find a large at F21? I'm convinced they just don't have them.

OK, so what do I like at F21? Accessories!  They are inexpensive, on trend, and all contained in their own little area.  Usually there is a table or two with accessories on or around it.  I just make a beeline for the table and ignore the rest.  I don't care for the faux leather bags, but the faux leather belts are just fine, as are the scarves, necklaces and bracelets.  I don't wear regular sunglasses (mine are Rx) but they have those too.

Here are some of my treasures:

On the left is a multi colored scarf.  It has the perfect amount of volume and streaks of my major wardrobe colors against a neutral background that contains brown and black.  

Next is a knock off of the Anthropologie Stormy Seas necklace.  Yes, the charms are plastic but you have to get really close to tell.  Plus the small beads are silver; Anthro's are gold.  I usually prefer silver when it's available.

Third is a long multi chain necklace in silver for when I need to add a little rocker to my outfit.

Fourth is a gold necklace in turquoise.  I love turquoise, I didn't have a long turquoise necklace and for $5.88 I can stand gold.

Here is the same necklace in silvertone with white beads. Old Navy shirt.

All of these items combined set me back less than $30.  They aren't going to last forever, but with gentle care and a ziplock bag (to prevent tarnishing) they are holding up just fine.

So next time you're at the mall, don't walk past F21!

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