Tuesday, August 17, 2010

OOTD Prepster

Preppy with a twist. One of my favs.  And argyle is my absolute favorite pattern.  I worry lately that it trends a bit young, but I love it so much.  Should one who owned The Preppy Handbook in the very early 80s still be wearing argyle?

I like the idea of putting the military looking stuff with a totally different style like preppy, boho, feminine, etc.

Here I have an Ann Taylor Loft jacket, Merona sweater from several years ago, Eddie Bauer khakis in the Blakely (curvy) fit, white Merona watch and Clarks sandals.

I have several very preppy shoes I was dying to wear with this outfit - Blucher moccasins or tassel loafers.  However, this picture demonstrates one of the pitfalls of my life - PANT LENTGH!

Petite pants are just too short. Often the petite rise is also too short on my high waist. Regular inseams (32") are too long for flats.  I take a 30" inseam for flats.  So either I have them shortened or wear a heel.  I do have many pants shortened.

But these pants have that exposed hem which makes them impossible to shorten.  I love the fit otherwise on my hourglass self. They're a bit snug now but they weren't when I bought them.

I only do about a two inch heel when I do heels, which isn't often. I do wedges much more often.  Been there, done that with the heels, back in the day when one had to dress up for work.

Do you think certain patterns seem young? What do you do about pant lengths?


  1. Oh cute! Love the jacket and the sweater!

    Pant lengths are a bother for me. Many places usually don't bother to make petites in my size, even if they carry petites. Often I look for the "ankle" length pants, those usually do fine with heels.

  2. I hear you; really, I'm just a petite on top due to being short waisted. My legs are proportional. But either way, petites have to have a good tailor!

  3. For me it's not so much patterns, but styles that seem to young for me to wear. Up until pretty recently I haven't given much thought to "dressing my age". I find if I stick to classic styles (a la J. Crew) I can wear most things.