Saturday, August 14, 2010

Massive Canna Lillies

I love to garden, and I have even completed the Master Gardener program at my local county extension. (I can't officially call myself a Master Gardener right now because I am not current on my volunteer hours).

Some people think cannas are old fashioned, but I love them. I love the tropical looking leaves coming from a rhizome that costs much less than a tropical plant would. I like being able to overwinter them, and I like the fact that when you dig them up you have more than when you started. (I am in USDA zone 5b/6a.) I always put some in my pots and scatter others around my garden beds. The rhizome you plant in spring looks sort of like ginger root. After the first freeze, you dig them up, cut off the brown stalks, throw them in a trash bag and store somewhere where they won't freeze.

I got this batch from a friend at work, and I can't thank her enough. These plants are close to six feet tall, and we have hummingbirds drinking from them. The second picture shows the plants at the level of the railing on my deck. The marigolds behind are in window boxes on the railing.

Do you like to garden?

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