Sunday, August 8, 2010

Who Am I? Why Am I Here?

Admiral James Stockdale uttered these words in his vice presidential debate as Ross Perot's running mate in 1992. If you are old enough to remember it, you're in the right place! (No offense to my younger readers though).

I knew I wanted to start a blog, but I'm not sure exactly what I wanted it to be about: fashion, parenting, over 40, parenting a younger child over 40, working mom, sandwich generation, spiritual matters, beauty - I just couldn't narrow it down to one topic. I have thought about it for several months now, and I am zeroing in on a direction. I want to create the blog I have been looking for. The blog that tells me which clothes are stylish, reasonably priced, decent quality and readily available at mainstream stores. The blog that compares different products and tells me which is the best one. The blog that goes through the catalogues and recommends items that might look good on my figure, which I think is similar in size and shape to many other people. The blog that helps me decide what to wear to work, or to the gym, or to the playground with my son. The blog that shares those epiphany moments as a mom, a daughter, a professional, a shopper, a grown up and as a person trying to do it all. Can this blog be all of those things? It's worth a try.

I do know what this blog will not be. It's not a shopping blog. While I do love to shop, my focus is on making strategic additions to my wardrobe while mixing and matching what is already there. It won't be dedicated to one store. It won't be a constant "my child is amazing" rah rah session (even though he IS amazing!) It won't be a middle aged whine fest, nor will it assume that you can afford expensive stuff because you're older. It won't be preachy, but I will share insights that I think may help others. It won't necessarily be an outfit of the day blog, but I do expect to post some outfits.

So we'll see how it goes.

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