Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Gap's fall line

I tried on a bunch of items at Gap the other day.  The lighting was terrible and my fitting room photos did not come out, so I hope you won't mind stock photos.  I didn't bring anything home, nor was there anything I wanted to use the 40% coupon on so I didn't ever bother getting one.

On to the reviews!

Striped Embellished T, $29.50.
I tried this on based on Ema's recommendation.  It is a nice quality fabric.  The cut is not as lean as J Crew's current striped shirt.  It was a nice fit on me even though the cotton/modal blend was a touch clingy on my stomach.  I was close to getting it and then I looked at those horizontal stripes on the DDs and realized that it would have to be a layering top only.  And my days of layering something long sleeved under something else long sleeved are pretty much behind me.  I about had a hot flash just thinking about it!  But even though it was a no go for me I recommend it.

Tweed Vest, $59.50
This is 52% Wool, 48% Rayon.  The fabric felt nice and not itchy. I liked the color of the tweed and I think it would go with a lot. I have been looking for a menswear vest for three or four years now.  As you can imagine, finding one that fits in the bust and does not gap under the arms has been the challenge.  This was close but no cigar.  I probably should be looking for a petite (I know, sounds weird to think of a big bust in a petite but I often fit better into petite tailored items).  This of course doesn't come in a petite.

Shrunken Pin Striped Vest, $59.50
See above.  This one fit worse.  If I  had known the word "shrunken" was in the title, I probably wouldn't have bothered.

Band Blazer, $98.00
I liked this blazer.  My tiny Gap had it in navy and black.  The material was a substantial cotton knit, and it was much more flattering than the brown tweed.  It is fitted, and it hit me in the waist pretty well, considering I'm high waisted.  However, I don't need navy or black blazers.  The brown tweed didn't fit as well.  The tweed was better quality than last year's horrible scratchy tweed, but I was still afraid it would itch around the neck. And I don't need brown.  I need gray.  And my Gap didn't have any jackets in gray.

Corduroy Trimmed Utility Jacket, $89.50
This jacket has a nice, substantial cotton shell.  It is lined and a good weight for fall. It might be a tad warm to wear inside.  The color, called "split pea," was more vivid than it shows online.  I was immediately attracted to the belted style.  You know, hourglass, accentuate the waist, et cetera.  I didn't love the corduroy collar.  I think it would be hard to keep popped and I could see it wearing before the other fabric.  This almost fit, but the waist hit me a bit below my natural waist (which is how the majority of misses belted things hit me).  No petite in this one.  It also comes in a nut/oak brown called "worker brown," which is gorgeous if you can wear it.  I prefer the Old Navy and J Crew incarnations of the field jacket to this one.

Well, I hope these reviews gave you some insight into a few of Gap's fall items.  I hope to try on more when I get to the city in a few weeks.

Do you like the Gap? Do you feel they have been a bit "off" in the past few years?


  1. Love that tweed vest. With 30% off starting tomorrow, I might go check it out!

  2. The tweed vest looks very cute. Good reviews :-)