Tuesday, August 17, 2010

J Crew fitting Room Pictures

J Crew. Many people are obsessed with it.  I have worn Crew since the lat 1980s.  In those days it was rugby shirts and roll neck sweaters.  Colors like "port" and "bottle."  Uber prep.  Since those days I have had Crew items in my wardrobe continuously.  I'm not one of those people who dressed head to toe in Crew because it was always a tad too expensive and only a few items fit (mainly cardis).  However, I can see the attraction of the "old" (ie. pre 2008-09) Crew.  It was one stop shopping for a lot of women. She could buy her work clothes, casual clothes, bathing suits and special occasion dress in one place.
People have written a lot about the change in Crew, the more fashiony styles, the decreasing quality, the inconsistency in sizes, the higher prices, the final sales.  I don't much care for any of that, but I don't spend enough money with them for them to care.  As long as their stock is going up, they will continue in their current direction.

I don't get to a J Crew store very often.  The nearest stores are two hours away, either east or west.  I have a "Crewlet" (J Crew Outlet) about an hour and a half away.  When I have the opportunity I try on as many things as possible.   This comes in handy later for buying things on final sale or on ebay (which is in essence the same thing only usually cheaper). I very rarely buy anything full price at J Crew.  I don't mind the outlet versions of regular Crew items; I have found them to be decently made.  The majority of my J Crew pieces are via ebay or the swap on the J Crew Aficionada blog.  That blog will tell you about all things J Crew and it's amazing.

Really none of the items here look that great in the photos.  There were a few items I really liked and that I will plan to stalk.  Overall though, everything seemed to be a repeat of the past two seasons

Rimini cardigan - size M.  I loved this sweater.  It looked much more flattering in real life and I recommend it for an hourglass figure.  It's merino.  The sleeves narrow at the cuffs. I love the biker type zipper.  Colors in store are black, nutmeg and cobblestone.  There are additional colors online.

Donegal Tweed Schoolboy Blazer in aluminum.  This is a gray tweed.  Online there is moss, a green tweed. I loved it. The back has the vent stitched down, which is why it doesn't lay right.  This is an 8.  Usually I'm a 10 in jackets, but I find I have to size down in crew jackets.  Also I usually take a petite in jackets because I'm short waisted, but this one fit in the shoulders and hit at the right place in the waist. It's snug over the chest, but I never button jackets more than one button.  I love this jacket, and I need something gray to fill a hole in my wardrobe, but alas I will have to wait.

Calista Cami, size 10 in dark rosewood.  There were several other colors in store and more online. Meh. I have a Frances top (it's from the outlet) that I like.  I like that you can flip the collar down on the Frances. On this one you can't. I'd be very uncomfortable will all of that silk around my neck, not to mention it's just not flattering.  It's too expensive to just be a layering piece, and I'm trying not to buy any more ruffles.

I didn't see this one online. It is merino and had no buttons; there are two small pockets in front.  The color is a dusty lavender.  I have enough cardis; this is nothing special.

I hope these photos were helpful!  Have you tried on anything at the Crew lately?


  1. Thanks for the reviews and pics! It is always so helpful to see items on REAL people (i'm not counting models as "real"--hehe) I have the Tweed schoolboy blazer in the green moss color and LOVE it as well. I was surprised how soft the tweed is! I hope to be able to put up pics tomorrow morning.

  2. Thanks for sharing...I'm you're newest follower! Check out my blog if you get a chance...I know what you mean about the Calista cami, but I'm falling in love with that dark rosewood color.