Monday, August 9, 2010

My Favorite Summer Purchase

My most favorite purchase of the summer has to be my oversized white watch.

I coveted this one:
The beautiful but expensive Michael Kors, currently $312 on Amazon (but a version was included in the Nordstrom Anniversary sale).

I almost asked for this one for Mother's Day:
Fossil, $85 at Macy's.

But I knew there would be an inexpensive knock off somewhere. I was reluctant to spend very much on what might be a short lived trend. So I settled on this:

Target Merona, $14.99. I actually had a 20% off coupon, so it set me back around $12.00

I have worn the watch almost every day. It fits like a bracelet with a few extra links making it dangle. I find I don't need to wear any other bracelets or much other jewelry with the watch. The links are plastic but they do dent, and the paint scrapes off the trim of the watch fairly easily. I found this out when I dropped the watch putting it on one morning. But overall it has been a great purchase and I totally recommend it. The watch is no longer on Target's website but some remain in store.

I hope they will do a version of the black on black oversized watch for winter!

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  1. Love the Target watch! They have it listed on their Fall 2010 Trend Accessories report and are supposed to be offering a black version, as well. I'm looking for it at my Target when I go later today. :) Have a good one!