Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Outfit of the day

It was close to 100 degrees today; with the humidity the heat index was way up there.

This is a Merona dress. It is the style with the "knot" in the middle, right under the bust. I find this style to be very flattering to the bust while hiding the pooch.

The sweater is from Talbots. Doesn't it look like a J Crew Jackie? Jackies don't fit me right at the bust due to the way the sleeve is set in. The Talbots version is a tiny bit boxy in back when unbuttoned but it is made of soft pima cotton and a bargain from the recent sale.

The Merona wedges are from last year.

Vintage Native American turquoise and sterling ring, purchased in Colorado in the 70s by my mom.

White Merona watch. Boy, that's a lot of Merona.

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  1. OMG! I always think of that Talbots cardi (which I have collected in a few colors over the years) as the "faux Jackies" lol. Although I think Talbots has been making that sweater since the real Jackie was in Camelot LOL.